Deputy Karen McMuffin: ‘I’m just so sick of people being mean’

Yesterday, we talked about the bonkers viral video of “Officer Karen,” a white woman cop who filmed herself having a weepy breakdown because she had to wait for her egg McMuffin at McDonald’s. She cried because her McMuffin didn’t come out quickly, and she cried because she couldn’t “see” it being made, thus she felt like McDonald’s employees were going to poison her because she’s a cop. She ended the video by saying this through her sobs: “If you see an officer, just tell them thank you, because I don’t hear ‘thank you’ enough anymore.” Yeah. Here’s the video again:

Officer Karen breaks down over the anxiety of ordering a McMuffin.

The disconnect with what's happening on the streets is astounding.

— Johnny Akzam (@JohnnyAkzam) June 17, 2020

Even if I felt generous (I do not) and said that this is just a woman having a really bad day or a really bad morning, that doesn’t excuse the fact that she is just another Karen weaponizing her white tears to attack overworked and underpaid service employees at a McDonalds. Officer Karen McMuffin knew what she was doing, and her “supporters” gleefully identified the McDonalds and began a hate campaign. Even Don Trump Jr. was tweeting about Officer Karen with sympathy, meaning this is some kind of MAGA cause now. And that’s just one part of it – the fact that this woman who got hysterical and weepy at her own IMAGINED persecution is startling and disturbing. She should not have a gun. She should not have authority over anyone.

Karen McMuffin’s real name is Stacy Talbert, and she’s a deputy with the McIntosh County Sheriff’s office in Georgia. The McDonalds she went to is in Richmond Hill, Georgia (outside of Savannah). In her Facebook post with the video, she posted this message: “Please share because no one should feel like this. Law enforcement or not, this is truly how we feel.” Yeah, WE KNOW. We know this is how cops truly feel: aggrieved over nothing, hysterical at the idea that someone, somewhere might be persecuting them, and incapable of waiting a few minutes for a McMuffin without throwing a tantrum. Deputy McMuffin also spoke to a local NBC affiliate about how her video went viral:

McIntosh County, Georgia, sheriff’s Officer Stacy Talbert told NBC News that she recorded herself in a Facebook Live video Monday morning after an overnight shift, not out of fear but to share her frustration.

“It’s not that people are waiting in the wings to hurt us,” she said Wednesday. “It’s that people don’t trust us.”

In an interview Wednesday night, Talbert said the video had nothing to do with McDonald’s, which she said she visits frequently.

“Everybody lost the whole point of the video,” she said. “I’m just so sick of people being mean.”

[From NBC News]

“I’m so sick of people being mean,” says the woman who had her White Fragility video amplified by the worst hate-mongers on the internet, all to get revenge on McDonalds’ employees who made her wait a few minutes for a McMuffin. AND THIS IS WHY PEOPLE DON’T TRUST COPS. Jesus.

The fact that this happened in Georgia too… my God. Last weekend, Atlanta cops murdered Rayshard Brooks, an unarmed black man who fell asleep in a Wendy’s drive-through. Yesterday, those cops were arrested and charged. Hours later, Atlanta cops did a “sick-out” and refused to show up for their shifts. This is what we’re dealing with. Entitled babies with badges and guns who want to kill everybody who inconveniences them in the slightest, and then when anyone questions them, they throw tantrums and refuse to do their jobs.

— Stephanie. (@qsteph) June 17, 2020

— Jon Larod (@the_juandy_city) June 17, 2020

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