Dennis Rodman Gets Girlfriend's Face Tattooed On Butt, Adds Self Portrait Too

Dennis Rodman just added more ink to his body to honor his girlfriend … this time, he got a huge photo of her face tattooed right on his butt cheek.

The NBA legend hit up an artist in Florida this week to get the piece done — the second time this summer he’s gotten a tribute tat for Yella Yella placed on his body.

You’ll recall, the first time was back in July — when he got her portrait put on his face. This time around, he opted for his backside … while adding a photo of his face to the imagery as well.

Rodman shared a video of the whole process on his social media pages on Thursday … revealing Yella Yella had no idea of his plans when the two went on a late-night venture to the tattoo parlor.


In the footage, you can see the tats came out great … taking up one-half of the 6-foot-7, former basketball player’s butt.

We’ve yet to hear Yella Yella’s reaction to it all — but the last time around, she told TMZ Sports that while she thought he was wild for getting the work done, she was appreciative of the gesture.

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