Dan Walker points out ‘disturbing’ element in ITV rival Piers Morgan’s snap ‘Nice bangers’

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Dan Walker highlighted one particular element in Piers Morgan’s update on Twitter. The breakfast show rivals shared a number of messages with each other, ahead of the launch of their books.

Disappointed I didn’t make your final Remarkable People selection

Piers Morgan

The BBC presenter replied to the Good Morning Britain host, 55, after he spoke about his new release.

The 43-year-old however was not happy with the look of the outspoken journalist’s first meal of the day.

He branded it “distrurbing” before they then exchanged words about their latest projects, set to come out within days of each other.

Piers had initially told his 7.6 million followers: “BOOM! It’s here… My new book, hot off the press.

“If you’re sick of being told how to think, speak, behave & what to find funny, then this is the book for you.”

The ITV star added: “It’s published on Oct 15 in hardback, ebook & audiobook read by me.”

His words were accompanied by of course the book, a coffee and a large breakfast.

“Nice bangers,” Dan then quipped. “All the best with it.”

Keeping things pleasant and light-hearted, Piers replied: “Thanks mate, disappointed I didn’t make your final Remarkable People selection.”

The star was referring to the title of Dan’s release, which will feature “extraodinary stories of everyday lives”.

He jokingly told him back, in view of his own 668,000 fans: “Maybe Book 2,” before addressing the thing that seemingly concerned him.

“In other news… I find your lack of eggs disturbing. Did they run out?” he questioned.

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“I didn’t want to run the risk of accidentally joining your egg club,” Piers tweeted.

Dan’s Twitter feed is regularly filled with poached egg snaps, after he claimed be able to make them perfectly.

He previously said of his “club”, while speaking on the Series Linked TV podcast: “It started as a stupid, daft thing.

“I don’t know quite now how it developed but essentially somebody asked me for a cook book for a perfect egg recipe.”

Dan went on: “And I told them I’d been perfecting it for years.

“It sort of involves me rolling the egg around in the shell in a shallow pan.”

Ending their latest conversation, Dan added: “Wise. Enjoy the start to the football season. See you Monday.”

BBC Breakfast and Good Morning Britain air weekdays from 6am on BBC One and ITV repectively. The former also airs at the weekend.

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