Daily Mail: Duchess Meghan ‘got what she wanted’ but Harry ‘burnt every bridge’

Rebecca “Becky” English at the Daily Mail had a big, exclusive story in the Daily Mail this weekend, because that’s what happens whenever the Duke and Duchess of Sussex make any kind of move at this point, even if we’ve known for months that the “move” was going to happen. We all knew that Harry and Meghan would eventually move to LA. Sources had been saying it for months now, especially People Mag’s sources, all of whom insisted that Meghan, Harry and Archie were going to spend the summer in LA. Well, it happened.

Instead of acknowledging the fact that they had egg on their faces from misreporting the “Canadian lockdown” stuff, the royal reporters have just gone full-throttle on how Harry and Meghan are terrible people for… like, rejecting Canada? Two weeks ago, the Brits were smearing Canada because the Sussexes weren’t in Britain, now suddenly it’s some huge insult to Liz of House Petty that the Sussexes have decamped to LA. Anyway, Becky English has one of the nastiest stories about all of this. This is how she opened the story:

They’ve opted for a new life in La La Land – it’s what they wanted and planned. But how long will it be before the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – especially the duke – begin to experience niggling regrets?

As one royal insider – previously a great admirer – said to me recently: ‘Harry has given up everything, literally everything. He has burnt every single bridge back at home. And ­Meghan? Well I rather think she’s got what she wanted…’

How fair this waspish conclusion is, remains to be seen. And they’re not hanging about. As I revealed in January California was always the plan. The move hasn’t surprised the Royal household, but many feel it appears disrespectful to the Canadian people.

[From The Daily Mail]

Racist dog-whistle much? Lord. Anyway, that’s all I’m going to excerpt, the rest of it is like Racist Mad Libs in which you have have to decode all of the dog-whistle crumbs left to us by Becky. Harry and Meghan left Britain because of [their own insane idea that Meghan was the victim of a racist, misogynistic, anti-American smear campaign]. Meghan’s problem was that she was [racist trope about black women]. The royal staff hated her because [she’s a biracial American woman with a work ethic]. The Queen began to loathe her when [Meghan didn’t wear a hat]. William was uncomfortable with [the fact that Harry wouldn’t be his doormat]. William blamed Meghan for [being more popular than Kate]. Kate was always [a petty bitch] to Meghan. The Sussexes felt like William [was trying to derail them] which is [correct].

Anyway, Beckys are gonna Becky and I don’t buy most of the information in her article. I don’t even think the article was strictly a Team Cambridge-PR piece, honestly, although William’s fingerprints are definitely on many of those unnamed-source quotes. I think the Sussexes setting up shop in LA is absolutely driving the entire royal establishment bonkers. I imagine the Men In Grey have never had their panties in this big of a twist. More hit pieces are on the way. And yes, they’ll find another way to strategically use the word “niggling.”

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