Chris Brown Allegedly Caught Doing Drugs Called Whippets

The so-called evidence collected by fan of the ‘Shortie Like Mine’ hitmaker’s rumored drug abuse confirms an Instagram thot’s claim that they were high on whippets during a drug-filled night out in April.

AceShowbizChris Brown‘s drug abuse rumor has resurfaced after a fan claims to have found the evidence. The R&B singer is accused of doing drugs called whippets, which some also dub “white hipster type drugs.”

The said fan makes the accusation based on a recent photo and a video of the 31-year-old star. In a picture shared by the Virginia native himself, the fan points out what looks like a device used to do the drugs. The fan compares the tool in the photo to pictures of the drugs found on Google.

The fan also shares a video which shows someone, presumably Breezy, tripping while dancing and inhaling what looks like whippets. The face of the man, who is wearing a hat, however, is not clearly seen as the video is in low quality.

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Should the evidence be legit, it supports an Instagram thot’s claim that he was doing whippets on a drug-filled night out. Responding to a threesome speculation that sparked in April, Lil Klava said on Instagram Live that what the “Run It!” hitmaker did with two girls, including her, that night was getting high on drugs.

Detailing their drug-laden night out, she said she wasn’t alone because there were “mad b****s” too in his house. “I went to his studio, talked to him,” she shared. “So then I took some mushrooms, playing Mario Kart–like he has a whole arcade at his crib. And then they gave me ecstasy, Chris gave me ecstasy. He was doing whippets, I was doing whippets with him.”

Whippets, also known as nangs, is basically nitrous oxide, an anaesthetic that has been used for more than 100 years. It is also known as laughing gas. Nitrous oxide, however, has been used as recreational drugs with side effects. While the use of it in a certain dose for medical purpose is safe, very large doses, without the addition of oxygen, can cause loss of blood pressure, fainting and even death by hypoxia.

Responding to the latest report of Chris’ possible drug abuse, one person wrote, “Yikes if true.” Another Internet user said, “So sad,” while someone else echoed the sentiment, “This is actually sad. You really gotta be a fiend to start gettin high outta cans and s**t.”

Not surprised, a fourth commenter pointed out, “It seems very true, a groupie also said he had a threesome w her and they were all high off whippets.” Another chimed in, “He getting high off that shit? Not surprising at all,” while someone else remarked, “I am actually shocked that it’s not meth or heroin at this point.”

Some others were concerned about the future of Chris’ little children, with one commenting, “Meth and heroin will soon be next. I hope someone has his estate in order for his children.” Another shared her/his hope for the father of two, “He needs to do better for his kids.”

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