Chad Johnson: I’m Leaving Reality TV… For Adult Films!

Chad Johnson is sick of making viewers scream at their TV in hatred.

Now, the former despised Bachelorette suitor says, he wants to make viewers scream out in ecstasy instead.

In other words:

Johnson has announced he’s finished with reality television and is about to make a living by finishing on screen. In an orgasmic sense.

Yup, the guy is gonna be a porn star!

“I’m tired of basically being f-cked around by Hollywood. I need money, I gotta figure out something, this is a way to take the power back,” Johnson told The Daily Mail of how he arrived at this unusual decision.

The veteran ABC personality rose to infamy as a cocky contestant on Season 12 of The Bachelorette and then continued to stir up controversy when he jetted off to Bachelor in Paradise.

He was arrested in February on a charge of domestic battery.

Then was then, though, and now Johnson says he’s prepared to take the next natural step in his evolution as a performer.

“I’ve always had a really crazy high sex drive, so it’s been pretty easy for me, to be able to make money off of it is f-cking amazing,” he continues to The Mail.

“I don’t regret it at all, I always knew I’d do something in this industry I just wasn’t sure what.”

Johnson, who has admitted to struggles with alcoholism in the past, went on to say Hollywood is full of “liars” and that he’s psyched to now be done with them.

And here’s the really crazy part:

Johnson has already filmed a sortcore adult film with  Annalise Mishler, the same girlfriend he was accused of assaulting just two months ago.

He’s awaiting his trial date for this arrest after having charged with one count of corporal injury, one count of battery, one count of trespassing, two counts of vandalism and one count of witness intimidation.

The guy is facing six years in jail if convicted across the board.

For now, though, Johnson and Mishler are filming their nude romps for a social media service called OnlyFans.

And Johnson hopes this is only the beginning.

The videos Johnson and Mishler have posted are earning them $40,000 a month, the pair claims.

Although the two have not posted clips of having actual intercourse yet, Johnson said they have done “everything else” and are preparing to release a sex tape.

“We’re going to, it’s just building up to it,” Johnson explained of the couple’s eventual goals in the porn industry. “

It’s a process. We’re doing stuff every two or three days and putting out more stuff, getting crazy with it.”

As for their relationship itself?

Things are more complex.

The two are not officially dating again after Johnson was arrested following the aforementioned incident at Mishler L.A. home, during which Mishler alleged Chad threatened her and acted violently, but are “working through their problems,” Johnsons says.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen with me and her, it’s just constant turmoil.

“I still love her. We’re just working through problems, trying to figure out if it would work.”

Still, at some point down the line, Johnson wants to open a “porn palace” in Nevada.

“Everything is going really well, if this keeps up and I start to really make this all work, I’m going to probably move to Vegas and just going to keep the ball rolling,” Johnson concludes of his new career.

“Nobody can bullsh-t me anymore.

“I create everything. It’s been a weird, wild ride, it’s definitely a change in career path … but at this point, I’m going all out into it, why not?”

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