Catherine Tyldesley reveals shes suffering from loss of vision and migraines during pregnancy

Catherine Tyldesley has updated fans on her pregnancy, revealing she’s suffered from “loss of vision” due to “hormone related migraines”.

The star, 38, gave the update in a new bump photo posted to Instagram and urged her followers to check in on their pregnant friends, after she recentlyenjoyed a luxury babymoon in Somerset.

Wearing a denim shirt over a striped bikini, the actress can be seen cradling her bump as she looks down, posting the image alongside an emotional insight into her pregnancy in the caption.

“Pregnant Pause. Ponderings of an oestrogenic woman,” Catherine began her message.

“Don’t assume your pregnant pals are doing fine. Regardless of whether it’s their second, third, fourth child. I began to see very early on that this pregnancy was COMPLETELY different from my first.

“Not knowing how I am going to feel from one day to the next makes me feel weak. I hate feeling weak- mentally or physically. I hate ‘giving in’ … and certainly don’t like ‘giving up’.

"Each day has brought me new obstacles- my hormone sensitivity means- some days I am met with loss of vision at several points during the day through ocular, hormone related migraines. I have had to pull over in my car and ride out vision loss, crying on my own till it passes…But baby needs those hormones to flourish. For me it’s an inconvenience- to her its staying alive."

She continued: "My pregnancy insomnia means that some days , I can barely get out of bed. I can’t ignore my body- it’s doing it’s thing. Yes it’s hard – but my daughter is strong and thriving. That is what matters the most.

"I am grateful beyond words for this pregnancy- please don’t get me wrong, I know how lucky I am. It’s very difficult for me to admit I’m not firing on a cylinders. It’s very difficult for me to sometimes say ‘I can’t’. But when I look back on this section of my life – it will feel like such a short space of time."

The star then urged her followers to check in on any pregnant friends and their partners, saying that sometimes they feel like they can’t “moan” because it seems “ungrateful”.

Catherine wrote: “It is a lesson to me- to always check in with my pregnant friends AND their partners!!!

“Because actually – the more I talk about my experiences, the more I see that SO many other women are struggling. But they feel they can’t ‘moan’ because it seems ‘ungrateful’.

“But sometimes that’s all you need. A phone call with a friend- a damn good oestrogen-riddled cry. Someone to tell you – you’re doing this. Stop being hard on yourself- you are growing an actual HUMAN. Remind them – this will pass… and the greatest gift you ever had will bring you unimaginable love and joy. We need to hear that. Tell them.

"You got this mommas- WE got this. And we are stronger than you could ever imagine – even in your most vulnerable moments- you are POWER!!!! You are NOT alone”.

The former Coronation Street star is expecting her second child with husband Tom.

The couple already have a son called Alfie, who gave a hilarious response when he found out he’d be getting a little sister.

"Alfie is so excited about becoming a brother. When we discovered it was a girl Alfie did ask the doctor if he could change it to a boy.

"I'm sure he'll get over it bless him. He's really excited though, he can't wait," Catherine previously told OK!.

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