Cardi B Reveals What ‘WAP’ Stands For – See the ‘Nasty’ Meaning!

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion just dropped their new song “WAP” and you might be wondering what that acronym stands for.

In an interview before the song dropped, Cardi revealed that “WAP” stands for “wet ass p-ssy.”

“The song is really nasty. The song always been nasty,” Cardi said in the interview. “My verses and the hook has been the same since before Megan was there. So it just always been a nasty song and it’s like, ‘Who’s saying more nastier things than Megan?’”

Cardi says she even tried to tone down the lyrics to the song, but had a difficult time doing that. She said, “It was really hard for me to clean this song up.”

Listen to the song and read lyrics, plus make sure to check out the star-studded video!

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