Cardi B assures fans she does not have coronavirus

Cardi B has set the record straight about her health by saying her recent hospital visit had nothing to do with coronavirus.

The rapper sparked concern among fans after she tweeted and deleted that she had checked herself into ER on Wednesday, but it turns out she was dealing with stomach problems, not coronavirus.

“I’ve been very f–king sick these past five days … not corona,” she said on Instagram Live on Thursday. “I have really bad stomach issues … I started throwing up … I took a pregnancy test cuz a bitch never f–king knows.”

Cardi, 27, said she’s not pregnant but notes the pain got so bad, she called her doctor for an in-home visit. (She and husband Offset, 28, are currently parents to daughter Kulture, who turns 2 in July.)

“Doctors are not allowed to come to people’s homes right now … They kept telling me to drink ginger tea,” she said.

Cardi said she was stuck in LA and that her eating habits have been off. Most of her food has come from restaurants because, “I don’t have nobody to cook for me. I hired a chef two times and they were nasty and expensive!”

And the rapper said that she didn’t eat “for like four days straight” and it caused her to get bad headaches on an empty stomach. “I threw up seven times … I didn’t want to go to the hospital … I went to the hospital. I was sick and [press] ran with it … then my publicist hit me up and it ain’t nothing coronavirus-related, thank God!”

She said she has another doctor’s appointment scheduled for Friday.

She wore sunglasses in the video and appeared to be taking quarantine precautions by donning a mask around her face, but said she was only wearing it because “I look a f–king mess.”

And in typical Cardi fashion, she brought some comic relief, ranting about needing to get her nails done before reminding fans that she warned people about the coronavirus in a now-viral video from last month.

“That video that went super viral, I told y’all coronavirus was going to get real. I know I said it in a funny way, but I knew it was going to get real… I did some research on what was going on in China, and I was like s–t! That s–t hit America, it’s going to get real. And it sure motherf–kin’ did. It sure did bitch,” she said.

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