Cant believe it Meghan and Harry baby name queried by Carol McGiffin for other motive

Lilibet Diana: Carol McGiffin slams choice of baby name

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Meghan Markle gave birth to her daughter earlier this week who she and Prince Harry named Lilibet Diana. However, on Loose Women earlier today, the panellists were not impressed by the choice of name.

Speaking on the chat show on Monday about the news, Carol McGiffin spoke out against the choice.

She said: “I really wanna believe that this is a sentimental gesture.

“Even a token of like an apology, ‘Whatever we’ve done, whatever we’ve said in the last few weeks, we still love you so we’re gonna give her this name.’

“I can’t believe it – I dunno why.

“It seems like everything they do is for some other reason.”

Carol also went on to add she wasn’t a fan of them using a nickname for the child’s first name either.

She added to her fellow panellists: “At the same time, I still think it’s a little bit strange, naming someone a pet name that’s someone else’s pet name.

“That’s the other thing, I wonder if they asked permission.

“I wonder if they phoned the queen up… I would be interested to know.”

Jane Moore was also critical of the name choice which Meghan and Harry decided on.

She added: “Well, when anyone has a baby it’s lovely, isn’t it?

“But I don’t know, I just… Diana I get, I think that would have been really nice.

“But actually she is not going to be called Lilibet, she is going to be called Lily, that was made very clear.”

However, taking to Twitter, many fans were critical of their opinions.

Several stood up for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex over the decision as they slammed the Loose Women presenters.

One wrote: “Jane and Carol are so miserable talking about Harry and Meghan naming their child Lilibet Diana ‘as an apology’ or for an ‘ulterior motive.’

“Maybe you can disagree with some parts of your family, and still love them and want to honour them.”

A second added: “At the end of the day, it’s up to prince harry and meghan what they call their daughter. (Sic)

“It’s a lovely tribute to Harry’s grandmother and mother. If #loosewomen don’t like it, tough. Get over it.”

Another penned: “Harry and Meghan haven’t done anything wrong.

“It’s lovely they have a beautiful healthy baby, Ffs Carol & Jane get a life.”

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