Bruce Springsteen Reveals Initial Reaction To Hearing ‘Born To Run’

Bruce Springsteen has revealed that his initial reaction to hearing Born To Run in 1975 was to throw the classic album into his hotel pool.

Speaking to Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show” Saturday night, Springsteen said he first listened to the music in the back of a music store with engineer Jimmy Iovine.

“So I’m listening to the mastering of Born To Run, the two of us are standing there,” Springsteen recalled. “Jimmy is trying to get me to say it’s okay – ‘We can release it?’ – and I’m like, ‘Nhhhh … into the pool at the hotel!’ At any rate, we did release it and it worked out alright.”

The veteran singer-songwriter said Born to Run is one of his very favorite album covers.

“The nice thing about that cover is, it tells a story. It’s the beginning of a narrative,” he said. “It immediately makes you think about friendship, electricity, musical magic. It’s the beginning of some tall tale.”

Springsteen replied enthusiastically when asked about New Jersey Club gigs at the beginning of his music career.

“It was 35 cents to get in, you played on Sunday. The bands would set up in a circle and every band would play like three songs, and then the next, and the next would play for a little bit. All the bands were playing for free. There were less than 100 kids there.
But it was an amazing place to kind of start out. I got up and sang ‘Twist and Shout’ and I’ve been singing it ever since,” he told Fallon.

(Photo: Danny Clinch)

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