Britney Spears' Judge Has Famous Son, Speaks on Death Threats to His Mom

There’s a new Hollywood twist to the Britney Spears conservatorship … turns out the judge on the case is the mother of a famous producer, and now he’s breaking his silence on death threats aimed at his mom.

Prentice Penny is an executive producer on the HBO hit show “Insecure,” starring Issa Rae … and he recently jumped on the “Clay Cane Show” to talk about his mom, The Honorable Judge Brenda Penny.

TMZ broke the story, Judge Penny faced online death threats after she decided against immediately suspending Jamie Spears from the conservatorship back in August. However, Prentice says it wasn’t only death threats his mom got, but racist attacks as well.

While he didn’t want to get into specifics, because Judge Penny is still on the case, Prentice told Clay, “I think it’s sad that whomever would use it as an excuse to espouse racist names and ideas, feels sad and it feels unnecessary.”

Nonetheless, Prentice says his mother can absolutely weather the storm from pissed-off Britney fans. As he put it … “My mom’s a black woman in America, she’s a tough lady.”

Of course, there’s a big decision coming from Judge Penny next week when she could decide if Britney should be let out of the conservatorship or not — and whether that decision will include a mental evaluation for Britney.

Either way, Prentice will clearly have Her Honor’s back.

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