Blac Chyna: I Could Beat TF Out of Khloe! Bring It, Bish!

Rob Kardashian has gone to war with Blac Chyna in court over who should get full custody of Dream. 

Now, Chyna has taken things to the next level, publicly challenging Khloe to a fight over Rob’s sister’s role in their dispute.

On April 2, Khloe Kardashian livetweeted her viewing of the physical brawl between Kim and Kourtney.

“I would demolish Kourt’s ass,” Khloe predicted on Twitter, should the hypothetical fight ever take place.

She laughed, writing: “lol don’t play.”

“I’m 5’10.” She’s 5 feet on a good day,” Khloe said, to explain her reasoning.

She’s not wrong to say that.

Khloe may be barely taller than my mother, but among the Kardashians, she’s a veritable titan.

(Kendall and Scott are close to her in height, and Rob is the only family member who could be considered tall; the rest are tiny)

Naturally, we hope that none of the Kardashians ever come to blows again.

There is one person who appears to be itching for a fight with Khloe, however.

Blac Chyna clearly saw Khloe’s tweet, as she took to her Instagram Stories to comment on it.

“What about 5’2″?” she asked.

Chyna then included a thinking emoji, as if she were giving serious consideration to challenging Khloe to a fight.

“Nobody’s noticing that Blac Chyna asked Khloe for a fight??” one fan tweeted.

“Chyna said she’s 5’2″ what’s good now Khloe,” another explained on Twitter.

“Khloe said she’ll demolish Kourtney cause she 5’10” and Kourtney only 5 feet,” another marveled, “and this bitch blac chyna gone post and say what about 5’2”.”

“Blac Chyna wants to fight Khloe??” asked one fan. “For what exactly??”

Chyna has a litany of beefs with the Kardashian family that go back for years.

But the latest points of contention almost certainly have to do with Rob and Chyna’s legal battle over custody of Dream.

Though Chyna is likely frustrated with the entire extended family of her baby daddy, she is likely particularly furious with Khloe.

Why? Because Khloe has offered key testimony against her parenting skills.

As we have previously reported, Khloe has expressed that she has observed changes in Dream after Dream spends time with Blac Chyna.

Apparently, 3-year-old Dream exhibits more aggressive behavior after spending time at her mother’s house.

Dream allegedly displays inappropriate behavior learned at her mother’s house, with one example being twerking while naked.

At one point, her described aggression was so intense that she allegedly struck one of her young cousins. That is deeply alarming.

Blac Chyna’s history of misbehavior is both well known and very public.

That is what happens when you get into a fight in the middle of a very crowded theme park and throw your child’s stroller at a stranger.

Whether she is, for example, exhibiting these hostile behaviors in front of Dream has not been confirmed.

She has been accused of attacking people at her home. If true, this could have a strongly negative impact upon Dream.

Chyna’s history of getting into fights might also mean that she could rpevail against an inexperienced opponent, even one with Khloe’s build.

Ferocity counts for a lot in physical fights.

Hopefully, Chyna will keep her fight to the courtroom and away from any of the Kardashians.

Dream needs love and support, not to see her beloved family members carted off to jail.

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