Bella Hadid Matched Her Lingerie to a Couch in the Woods

Bella Hadid has the innate ability to make pretty much anything sexy (even a chaotic Y2K ensemble). So it's no surprise that lounging on a couch in the woods has never looked better. On Tuesday, the model shared behind-the-scenes footage from an enchanting Victoria's Secret holiday shoot in which her lingerie coordinated with the props.

In the Instagram carousel, Bella shared several snapshots from set, as well as a couple videos of her in action. For the campaign, Bella stretched out on a red, velvet couch in coordinating lingerie of the same color.

Her fiery bra and underwear both featured white straps that were inscribed with the brand's name in black. A matching sparkly garter belt held up her thigh-high tights adorned with a rhinestone "VS." Even the model's nails matched the crimson aesthetic.

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Another picture in the gallery shows Bella and a couple friends holding up their Kin Euphoric cans, Bella's non-alcoholic beverage (Dry January inspo anyone?).

Bella recently opened up about her decision to work with Victoria's Secret again following sexual harassment allegations against former executive Ed Razek. "Another way that I realized my growth — which was super important for me — was being able to be in a setting that I once felt unempowered, and to now feel so empowered and so reassured," she explained to E! News. "I don't know if people understand that just as much as you would feel that it's uncomfortable to be in your underwear shooting a commercial, it is that uncomfortable. So the thing about Victoria's Secret for me now is that they really, really care about us."

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