'Bad Girls Club' Star Judi Jai OK After Wellness Check Following Suicidal Tweets

‘Bad Girls Club’ alum Judi Jai gave fans quite a scare with a series of alarming and suicidal tweets, but police have checked on her and she’s fine … though she says she’s avoiding boxed wine from now on.

It’s no laughing matter — Judi’s tweets, including one where she said she was going to cut her throat, sparked serious concern from her followers. A Fulton County Police spokesperson tells TMZ … it also prompted 2 calls to her Georgia residence in the early morning hours Friday.

We’re told officers responded to both calls — one for a possible suicide situation and one reporting a person acting irrationally — and cops concluded things were ok.

About 6 hours after her disturbing tweets, Judi tried to explain her erratic behavior by saying she drank too much wine from a box.

She added … “Y’all I am so sorry for scaring y’all like that. I am ok. Thank u guys for the sweet tweets, calls and messages. I woke up to a ton of love.”

Judi — AKA “The Voodoo Vixen” — was a star ‘bad girl’ on seasons 7 and 13 of the long-running reality show.

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