Ashley Graham Just Posted a Nude Selfie That Already Has Over 1 Million Likes

Ashley Graham, a 32-year-old model, has made quite a name for herself in the industry and on social media. She’s known for her body positivity, and for sharing up close and personal photos with her followers on Instagram.

After becoming pregnant, Ashley has normalized women’s changing bodies, including posting photos of stretch marks and a picture of herself breastfeeding. Even after giving birth, she’s continued to share intimate and eye-opening photos with her followers, including one of her laying on a bed with her new baby in nothing but underwear.

Ashley recently posted a naked selfie while posing in the mirror that has a lot of people talking. However, the overall mood is a positive one.

Ashley Graham just posted a nude selfie that has over 1 million likes so far

In the eye-opening post that’s been up for almost 24 hours, Ashley can be seen in a mirror taking a selfie. She has her arms wrapped around her chest, and the countertop is positioned in the image to cover up her private area.

“Nakie big girl 👋🏽,” the post is captioned on Instagram.

Fans react in an overwhelmingly positive way

The image has over 1.3 million likes and over 13,000 comments. The response to this intimate post is extremely positive. Numerous fans and even fellow models alike praised Ashley for her new pic.

Emily Ratajkowski, a model, wrote, “Beauty girl.”

Nadia Aboulhosn, another fellow model and designer, added a few emojis in the comments, “😍😍😍.”

Actress Beth Behrs said, “Love everything you put out into the world and your podcast! 💕👏🏻.”

Fans had a lot of comments to add as well. “Nakie *normal* girl,” a fan wrote.

One fan says it’s the most “beautiful” picture. “Holy smokes! The most beautiful and genuine picture ever 💕,” they wrote.

“Natural beauty at its best 😇,” another wrote.

There are numerous comments about the way Ashley looks in the photo. “You look amazing!!!!” someone wrote.

One fan told her not to get “banned” with the image in question.

Another admires Ashley’s confidence. “So confident! I admire you 👍,” someone wrote.

Another fan says Ashley is “breaking the Internet” with her post. “Breaking the internet yet again… Keep winning!!” the fan said.

She’s also being described as “self-esteem goals” by one fan. “You are truly self-esteem goals! Just gorgeous!” they add.

One user says Ashley is their “idol,” while many others say she’s “beautiful.”

However, not everyone who commented thought the image was a good idea. A fan tells Ashley to respect her husband. “You look amazing okay but respect your hubby 🙌🏽… Why be naked on social media like that? C’mon 🙄,” they said.

“Posting photos of ourselves nude is the norm now? Wow. What have we come to?” a fan asked.

A lot of fans seem to be on board with Ashley Graham’s new and rather revealing post. The response was overwhelmingly positive for Ashley’s picture. However, not everyone seems to agree in that regard, but that’s to be expected.

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