Andy Cohen reveals what it was like to have coronavirus

Andy Cohen is finally “feeling better” after testing positive for coronavirus, and the talk show host is now opening up about his experience with the deadly disease.

“It took about 10 or 11 days, I would say, to work through my system,” he said on SiriusXM’s “Andy Cohen Live” show on Monday. “It takes a bit to get your energy back.”

 Cohen, 51, first announced he was diagnosed with COVID-19 on March 20. 

The Bravo head honcho said on his Radio Andy show that his symptoms consisted of a fever, chest tightness, a cough, chills, loss of taste and appetite, and “a lot of aches and pains in the body.”

He shared that he relied heavily on a pulse oximeter, a device sold over the counter at drug stores, to monitor his lung activity.

“It measures how much oxygen you’re getting to your lungs,” Cohen said. “My doctor told me what the reading would be in case it would be a cause for alarm. You could scare yourself and think, ‘Oh my God, my lungs don’t feel right,’ but you could use this pulse oximeter and see, ‘OK, well actually, you’re fine. You’re within the range.’”

The “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” host shared that he also took Tylenol, Vitamin C, and drank a lot of liquids to help him recuperate.

He said he passed the time during quarantine watching “Game of Thrones,” “Tiger King” and Season 3 of “Handmaid’s Tale,” and would speak to his family over FaceTime every night at 6 p.m. for about 40 minutes.

“I am so happy to be feeling good, and this is the first bit of normalcy that I’ve had in some time, so it’s great to be back with my family here,” he said. “I am feeling back and better than ever.”

Cohen also gave on update on when he will be seeing his 1-year-old son, Benjamin. He previously shared that having to self-isolate away from his child was the “worst part” of the diagnosis.

“I have been quarantined from Ben for the last 12 days or so and I get to see him right after the show,” he said. “Two doctors said it would be safe to see him yesterday, and I freaked out on Saturday night, worried, so I added a day.”

“WWHL” returns Monday night on Bravo from Cohen’s West Village apartment. Guests will be featured via video chat on the show.

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