Amsterdam Cops Use Batons, Dogs to Disperse Anti-Lockdown Protesters

The Netherlands is in a full lockdown again over COVID, and when people took to the streets in Amsterdam to voice their displeasure … cops quite literally unleashed the hounds.

A major clash between Dutch riot police and protesters went down Sunday in Amsterdam, where thousands of people were dispersed by force … and a lot of it at that. Officers, who were decked out with shields, helmets and batons, were given the green light to go town on folks — as they were all violating local orders against forming large crowds.

It didn’t take long before cops used dogs, you see one shot of a German Shepherd clamping down on a guy’s arm … which looks painful as hell.

A reported 30 or so people are said to have been arrested during all the mayhem. And of course, some left with some serious bruises, you see one dude walking away and getting his legs smacked by a cop using a baton.

The country went into renewed strict lockdown protocol late last month, this amid a fresh wave of omicron cases — shutting down just about every type of business once more.

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