Amanda Holden says she nearly died after giving birth but the NHS saved her

Amanda Holden has described how she almost died after slipping into a coma following the birth of her daughter, Hollie.

Luckily, the Britain’s Got Talent judge was saved by NHS workers.

Another day, another inspiring story about our health service.

Amanda, whose new single Somewhere Over The Rainbow will raise money for NHS Charities Together, shared her story on Heart Breakfast today.

‘When I gave birth to Hollie, my eight-year-old daughter who I know is listening, she was an emergency and I haemorrhaged, basically,’ Amanda said on the show.

‘And I actually did pass away for 40 seconds and then I went into a coma, but the NHS were there holding my hand and my husband’s [Chris Hughes] hand, who – I feel sorry for him to be honest – he went through it, watching it all.’

Further opening up about her love for the NHS, Amanda told the PA news agency: ‘They’ve saved my sister’s life after she was in a car accident. 

‘And, of course, our son, Theo, was born sleeping at an NHS hospital where all the staff were utterly extraordinary and treated us with so much empathy and love.’

Amanda was seven months pregnant with Theo in 2011 when a scan revealed his heart had sadly stopped.

She then underwent a Caesarean at West Middlesex University Hospital, where she had trained as a midwife for 2009 ITV documentary Out Of My Depth.

Afterwards, she set up Theo’s Hope, a fund providing bereavement counsellors across UK maternity units.

Amanda said: ‘I feel like I owe them so much. I feel like we all owe them a debt now and of course for the future to come.

Speaking about her upcoming album, Amanda added: ‘[It] was going to be released just before all of this happened, so it’s all on hold, and this was not going to be the first single, so it feels very interesting.

‘It’s a completely different way to go but it’s for charity so we’re looking at it in a different way now. It’s not for me … it’s for the NHS because I owe them everything, I owe them my life.’

As well as Hollie, Amanda is a mum to 14-year-old Alexa, who is known as Lexi.

The star’s new single is a cover of the famous Judy Garland song from the 1939 film The Wizard Of Oz.

Best of luck, Amanda!

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