Alice Evans Walks Back Claim Children 'Cry Every Day' Amid Dramatic Divorce From Ioan Gruffudd!

Walking it back a bit…

Ioan Gruffudd‘s estranged wife Alice Evans took to Instagram on Sunday afternoon to apologize and walk back a prior claim that her daughters “cry every day” amid their parents’ ongoing divorce drama.

As we’ve been reporting over the last several months, Evans has accused Gruffudd of walking out on their family after 13 years of marriage, while simultaneously documenting the drama meticulously on her social media channels.

This time around, Alice is tamping down the emotion a bit, though. Now, the 49-year-old actress took to her favorite social media outlet to admit that she “should have been more careful with my words” regarding her two children — 11-year-old Ella and 7-year-old Elsie — and their apparent emotions amid the couple’s split.

At issue this time around is a paparazzi pic Evans shared to her personal IG along with an apparent magazine blurb about Gruffudd allegedly “abandoning” his daughters to the point where they now supposedly tear up routinely in response. Something about that didn’t sit right with the actress, though, and so she used her social media outlet to clarify, writing (below):

“I can’t find where I said this but I’m sure I did, and I should have been more careful with my words. They cry a lot, but kids tend to anyway, and ‘they cry every day’ is definitely hyperbole! I’m sorry. They’re doing much better than I would have imagined, to be honest. Just that there are certain discussions about the future (near and far) that come up that make them sad. And as yet, I don’t have any answers. But Ella has already worked out that she can get a lot more Ubereats deliveries by going back and forth between two abodes. So that’s at least one silver lining already. Thank you again for all your love and support. You’ve no idea how much it means to me.”

Guess it’s helpful to find that one silver lining, at least! It’s interesting to see the Vampire Diaries alum walk things back so quickly in this case, because all the latest news in the ongoing divorce saga between her and the Titanic star has been more and more contentious and dramatic!

As you’ll recall from our earlier reporting, at the beginning of this month, Evans accused Gruffudd of leaving her for another woman. That came about in the days after he officially filed for divorce, when she claimed to have been “mentally tortured” by the relationship in a series of tweets.

And in the days since then, Evans has doubled down with a particularly disturbing selfie story in response to the Welsh actor’s actions on making their split official. So much drama!

What say U, Perezcious readers?? Sound off with your reaction to all of this ex-couple’s ongoing drama down in the comments (below)…

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