Adam Rickitt and GMB star wife endure sleepless night after emergency at home ‘Shattered!’

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Adam Rickitt and wife Katy Rickitt are “shattered” today after a sleepless Saturday. The Good Morning Britain host revealed all via Instagram, as she detailed the family’s worries.

Mum and dad are shattered and grounding the whole family

Katy Rickitt

The award-winning journalist and her actor husband had found themselves rushing to the emergency vets.

The couple, who wed back in 2014, share their home with their three dogs.

The youngest of which caused an almight stir after eating something she definitely shouldn’t have.

Sharing snaps with her 10,000 followers, GMB regular Katy recalled the scary moment.

The uploads saw one of their bulldogs lying asleep in her bed, while their two other pooches could be seen on the sofa behind.

The small screen star wrote in the caption: “Think little Daphne might get an earful from her big brother and sister when she wakes up!

“Last night we experienced the closest we are going to get to the ‘naughty youngest’ keeping everyone up all hours with worry after her antics.”

Katy continued, revealing it was all because of an everyday favourite.

She wrote: “No crazy night on the booze for her though, all for a piece of chewing gum nicked out the bin.

“Had to rush her to emergency vets at midnight so they could make her sick.”

Explaining further, Kate stated: “If you didn’t already know xylitol in chewing gum can be fatal, so if they eat it you must contact a vet immediately.

“Minty fresh is not a good look for dogs.”

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Thankfully their pooch is now “fine” and recovering at home.

She added: “The vets adored her, she was just peeved at having to stay up late.

“Mum and dad are shattered and grounding the whole family for a day of cuddles.”

Katy was immediately inundated with replies, with one fan commenting: “Aww sending all my love Daphne – hope you get well soon.”

A second echoed their sentiments: “OMG that’s so scary but glad she’s OK. You’ve had a busy week too so hope you get to chill.”(sic)

It comes four months after Adam Rickitt revealed that he is infertile, following an autoimmune disease battle.

He said he and Katy will be unable to have biological children, as he suffers from Ankylosing Spondylitis, a type of arthritis that causes eye and bowel problems.

One of the other effects is infertility, and the actor confirmed that he has a reduced sperm count.

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