50 Cent Doubts Megan Thee Stallions Claims About Not Having Sexual Relationship With Tory Lanez

Also coming against Megan was Wack 100, who insists that the Canadian rapper is the ‘real victim’ as he’s been accused of shooting the Houston raptress in a 2020 incident.

AceShowbiz50 Cent is among those weighing in on Megan Thee Stallion‘s recent interview with Gayle King. However, the “Power” alum did not buy the “WAP” hitmaker’s claim about not having a “sexual relationship” with Tory Lanez.

The “In Da Club” emcee offered his two cents by sharing a clip of Megan’s interview. In the clip, Gayle asked the Houston femcee whether she had “an intimate relationship” with the Canadian rapper.

Megan then asked back, “Like sexual?”, while giggling, to which the journalist replied, “Yeah. Megan, did you have a sexual relationship with Tory… that’s my question.” The “Savage” raptress then took a pause before answering, “Um… I didn’t have a sexual relationship with Tory.”

Alongside the footage, Fiddy wrote, “Now that I don’t believe, she had to think about her answer. SMH all this s**t is crazy.”

Also coming against Megan was Wack 100. Taking to his own Instagram account, he posted a clip where Megan admitted she initially lied about stepping on glass during the 2020 shooting incident involving Tory. She argued in the chat, “I was lying to protect all of us and sometimes I wish I would have never said that.”

Now in his caption, Wack stated, “Not only did we say you lied ‘YOU’ said ‘YOU’ lied. Now it went from saying you stepped on glass to a gun shot to the foot to I didn’t want them to Kill any of us !! He added, “I’m crying for @torylanez the REAL VICTIM !!”

“all this needs to stop No DNA or prints on the gun and she’s still going,” the manager of Blueface continued. “Guess we can call it the little boy that cried wolf. After all a #Stallion is a #Colt at birth right, hope that didn’t go over ya heads.”

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