You have a high IQ if you can spot the hidden cell phone camouflaged in the carpet in under 20 seconds | The Sun

YOU could rank in the top 1% if you manage to see the hidden cell phone in this mind boggling image.

The intricate carpet design has fooled many and hidden the mobile device, and it's not where you'd think to look.

The fiendishly difficult brain teaser has gone viral on TikTok, with user Nick posting the tricky photo.

Once you've spotted it, it appears obvious – but this simple pic has left thousands of people bemused.

In the photo, a stunning white, black and blue oriental carpet is seen with a white wooden table placed on top.

If you aren't able to spot the hidden mobile device – don't fret – we've circled the answer for you below.

But as you have a search around the trippy photo, why not try a few other optical illusions?

Only people with the eyes of a hawk have spotted the phone hidden in this cluttered playroom in less than five seconds.

The mess in the room and the size of the phone make it the perfect brain teaser.

If you enjoyed that, why not see if you can find all six words hidden in this farmyard scene in under 15 seconds?

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Or, see if you can spot the heart-shaped diamond in this brain teaser.

In this dog search optical illusion, if you're able to spot the dog hidden in the yard in this brain teaser, you have 20/20 vision.

Upon first glance, you may not notice that there is something alive tucked away in the photo.

Time yourself and see how long it takes you to spot the silly emoji amongst the poo emojis.

You are said to have perfect vision if you can spot the feline hiding in this store scene.

Somewhere in the container section, a black cat was barely visible as it observed browsing customers.

If you weren't able to spot the mobile phone, have a closer look at the right edge of the intricate carpet.

You may spot the cell phone which has a black case with white flowers on it.

The image has fooled millions, as the uncanny match up of patterns blends together seamlessly.


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