Woman who tried everything to get her filthy patio tiles clean says £2 spray is 'best money she's ever spent'

LET'S be honest – we struggle enough keeping the inside of our homes neat and tidy that we can't even remember the last time we gave the garden patio a thorough clean.

Well if you're looking to give your lacklustre tiles a new lease of life for spring, then you might want to take a leaf out of Gemma Krelle's book.

Posting on the Facebook page Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips, the mum revealed how a £2 mould spray left her formerly filthy patio tiles looking as good as new.

"Best cleaning hack I've done yet," she wrote. "And the best £2 I've ever spent. I tried so many things so this was my last resort."

To begin with, Gemma began by spraying a generous amount of Cillit Bang Black Mould Remover over each tile.

After working the product in with a broom, the mum – who also shares her cleaning hacks on her Instagram account AtHomeWithMrsKrelle – then left it to works its magic for an hour.

She added: "I then used a normal garden hose to rinse it off and it came up like new.

"I did however rinse it a few times just as the smell is very strong."

As a result, Gemma can now tell the difference between her coloured tiles again thanks to the high bleach content in the bargain product.

The mum did flag how the fumes from the spray could be harmful for animals and urged others to keep them away during the cleaning process.

  • Cillit Bang Black Mould Remover, £2 from Tesco – buy now

Needless to say, the transformation blew other members of the group away.

One replied: "I love this stuff!"

Another added: "Wow… shocked at the results."

"That's amazing," a third gushed.

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