Woman who had NEVER cleaned her dishwasher before reveals how she got it sparkling using two household items

ADMIT it – some of the most-used items in our homes, we just never get round to cleaning.

Door handles. Kettles. Remote controls. You name it, we probably don't clean it enough.

That said, one woman who has never thoroughly cleaned her dishwasher has revealed how she got it sparkling using two simple household items.

Posting on her TikTok channel, Julia began by removing the bottom frame where she stacks her dirty plates.

This allowed her to reach further into her dishwasher and give the filter a good rinse.

Although it's definitely a grim task, regularly checking your dishwasher filter for lingering food debris will prevent any drainage issues from developing in the long run.

Once she'd completed this step, Julia said: "You're gonna clean the inside and then put everything back."

To finish off, she scattered a cup of baking soda over her freshly cleaned filter to dissolve any remaining debris.

She then poured apple cider vinegar over the top and put the dishwasher on a hot, fast wash to give it a proper deep clean.

Her video has since racked up over 150,000 "likes" on the platform and inspired others to give their dishwashers some TLC.

"I was today years old when I found out I had to clean my dishwasher," one wrote. "Pray for me while I go clean it."

"Okay so I didn't know this was a thing," another added. "Went and cleaned mine right away and OMG thank you for this because my dishes will now ACTUALLY be clean!"

A third wrote: "It works just as well if you use white vinegar!"

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