Woman in stitches after realising she’s been watering a WEED for months & it even has its own pot

A WOMAN is in stitches after watering and looking after a plant for months – only to discover it’s actually a weed. 

She explained that after nurturing a plant since last year, she finally decided to look up what species it was.

To her horror, she realised she's been watering a weed for the past few months – which even has its own ceramic pot.

She shared a snap on social media of the healthy-looking plant after finding out what it really was, and it turns out a lot of people have made the same mistake.

Writing on Facebook group Gardening On A Budget Official, she said: “Might as well post this.. Give you all a good laugh…

“I've been watering and feeding this pot for months, well since last year…. 

I've just realised… It's a WEED

“And I've just realised… It's a WEED.

“But I've done some research n it does have pretty purple flowers so I'm keeping it.”

Thousands of people liked her post – as most admitted they've done exactly the same thing.

One person said: "I have done the same mistake.”

Another wrote: “I’ve done exactly the same, I was really proud of how it was flourishing.” 

A third admitted: “Omg. I've been watering mine too! I put some wild flowers seeds last year and thought they could be it!!! 

“Thanks for clarifying that for me.”

While this person added: “I have the same and did the same thing, watering and waited to see the flowers, no clue what was.

"It's beautiful for a weed tho.”

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