Woman has a foolproof way for finding perfect-fitting jeans without trying them on – but not everyone's convinced

ADMIT it – no one actually likes trying on clothes in changing rooms. But jeans are by FAR the worst offender.

Half the time they're either too short, too tight around the bum and baggy around the waist, or – in extreme case – you can't even get them up around your thighs.

Well if you've ever struggled to squeeze into a pair which should (theoretically) be the right size, then we've found the shopping hack for you.

Posting on her TikTok channel, social media star Billie Newland claims she's figured out a foolproof way of finding your perfect pair of jeans WITHOUT having to try them on first.

In her first video, Billie claims you can easily figure out if the jeans are the right waist size by measuring it against your forearm.

She said: "Choose a pair of jeans and stick your arm inside the waistband. If there's a large gap between your elbow, your hand and the end of your jeans then they're too big.

"On the flip side, if your [forearm] doesn't fit inside the waistband then they're too small."

Billie claims that if you can find jeans where you can fit your forearm and hand inside the waistband and it's "completely snug", then THAT'S the "perfect pair" for you.

In a separate TikTok video, the fashion fan also demonstrated how she found her ideal length jeans by measuring them against her arms.

"Grab a pair of jeans and stretch them across your wingspan," she explained. "If you stretch them out and they go past your fingertips then then it's gonna be too long.

"If you pick up a pair and [have to bend your elbow] then they're too short."

However, if your arm extends straight out when you're holding the jeans against you then Billie says those are the ones you want to buy.

Billie's videos have racked up over 300,000 views on TikTok – but not everyone is convinced by her "life hack".

Commenting on her first clip, one user asked: "But what if you have a tummy??"

Another joked: "What if you had a hamburger before going in the shop?"

A third argued: "My body is too disproportionate for this."

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