Woman branded ‘ugly’ by cruel trolls after being left permanently scarred by her hot water bottle

IT’S DEFINITELY got a lot colder recently and many of us are cranking up the heating in our homes to keep warm.

And some of us are turning to hot water bottles to give us that bit of extra warmth.

Who doesn’t love getting cosy with a hot water bottle after all?!

But one woman in particular has quite a close relationship with her hot water bottle and has the marks to prove it.

Niomi regularly posts videos to her TikTok account ‘niomi_xoxo’, but felt the need to post a video addressing the marks on her tummy after receiving comments from people asking what it was.

In the video Niomi shows off the marks on her stomach and addresses some of the comments she has received about them.

She insists that they will fade and she still feels beautiful regardless.

Niomi said (whilst pointing to the marks on her stomach): “This…I am fully aware that it’s here.

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“It’s not stretch marks, it’s not making me feel ugly, don’t worry guys.

“It is literally just because I walk around with Winnie the Pooh in my pants 24/7 because I am such a cold person.

“Even if I’m going to the shop I will put a scarf on and have my hot water bottle here.

“So everyone commenting saying ‘it’s stretch marks, you’re still beautiful though’ – I know.


“And it's not stretch marks, it’s literally just hot water bottle marks.

“And it doesn’t make me feel any less pretty, it’s my fault it’s there and it will fade away.

“It’s just because I’ve been isolating for the past ten days, it’s just got worse and worse and worse.

“But I had it last year and I had it the year before and it always goes away for summer.

“It doesn’t bother me so it shouldn’t really bother you.”

Niomi's video has racked up a whopping 137.4k views and 12k likes.

However, many TikTok users were very worried about Niomi and her use of a hot water bottle.

One person said: “Girl please be careful this does so much damage.”

Another added: “Please be careful this is actually dangerous. You seem very nice so please don't think people are having a go at you….”

A third commented: “Be careful mine scared my stomach.”

There were also many TikTok users that have also experienced this before from using a hot water bottle.

One user commented: “I get the mottled skin on my tummy sometimes too from my hot water bottle.”

Another said: “The hot water bottle rash. I remember those 9 years well! It's not permanent, don't worry! You're stunning inside and out.”

A third added: “I also have this because of my stomach issues. I use a hot water bottle so much I get that and it stays.”

Meanwhile, I’m living with PCOS and it’s a nightmare – I constantly have hairs growing on my neck and chest every day.

Also, people are raving about Dunelm’s £8 teddy fleece hot water bottle – and there’s even an extra long version.

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