Woman asks if she should dump 'great' boyfriend as he’s bad in bed & has no dress sense…but people say HE should bin her

HE'S a "lovely guy" she's been dating for around a month.

But one woman is so put off by her beau's "awful" dress sense and lack of skills in the bedroom that she's taken to Mumsnet to question whether or not she should "finish it now" or try to change him.

"Met a lovely guy, only been dating about a month," she began.

"He's funny, kind, genuine, honest, generous. But he's not great in bed and his dress sense is awful.

"Can these things be changed?" she asked. "Or do you think I should just finish it now?"

People flocked to the comments section to respond to the woman, with one writing: "Well, maybe he dumps you because your dress sense is awful? And you are shallow?"

Another person commented: "Well if he's a nice guy both dress sense & lack of sexual knowledge can be improved, as long as he's willing to be improved.

"If he's amenable to a clothes shopping trip & some practical sex education from yourself then you got a keeper there. But if he thinks he's perfect as he is then bin.

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"This is coming from experience but I unfortunately didn't take my own advice all those years ago & I binned the wrong man."

A third person suggested that while the woman could try and change her partner, she shouldn't.

"Imagine how you would feel if a new boyfriend sat you down and said ‘I’m willing to keep seeing you, but your clothes don’t fit what I like. I want you to change how you dress'," they wrote.

"I would feel upset and uncomfortable. If you found his dress sense so off putting why go out with him in the first place?"

"One of my friends changed her now DHs (dear husband's) terrible dress sense by buying him new clothing for birthday and Christmas and making suggestions when they were shopping together," someone else added.

"She came clean to him eventually and he thought it was funny so I guess it depends how sensitive he might be about it."

Another person suggested that the feeling might be mutual, writing: "This guy is probably sitting in a pub with his mates now and tells his mates: I met a nice woman, she is fun to be with, but she is also very shallow and it puts me off sex really.

"Should I dump her now or tell her, unless she can change her shallow attitude towards life, there is no relationship."

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