Tyra Banks Admits She’s Gained 25 Lbs Since Covering ‘Sports Illustrated’ In 2019 & She Loves it

Tyra Banks has gained 25 lbs. since her iconic 2019 ‘Sports Illustrated Swim’ cover, and is incredibly happy about it. She loves trying new food!

Tyra Banks doesn’t look exactly like she did when she graced the May 2019 cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, and she’s fine with that! The supermodel, 46, revealed in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar that she’s become a major foodie, and with that came a little weight gain. Who cares? “Right now, you can’t tell because I have on a men’s blazer, [but] I am 25 pounds heavier than I was on the cover of a very famous swimsuit magazine that came out last year,” she said in the video, titled Everything Supermodel Tyra Banks Eats in a Day. “It’ll come off one day. But not today.”

Listening to Tyra talk about her love for food is just joyous. The ModelLand creator starts off her day with strong coffee and a scooped-out bagel loaded with a cream cheese “moat.” If she doesn’t have time for lunch, she snacks on things like sesame bars, cauliflower puffs, and licorice. “Or, sometimes I want them all at once. And so for the rest of the afternoon, I open bag after bag, and eat them one by one. Until there’s like, nine bags in front of me and I feel disgusting.” We’ve all been there, right? For dinner, she’s all about ordering the same food from different places to compare and contrast, an activity she shares with “my son and my man.”

“I have a very interesting relationship with food,” Tyra said. “I have to say that it is one of the most important things in my life. A lot of my personal life, and the things I like to do, and my hobby is food. Finding new restaurants, doing a challenge where I can’t go to the same restaurant again for six months. Finding food festivals. I love a supper club. [Food] is a true, very important thing to me.”

Tyra made major waves last year when she appeared on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue for her first time in over 20 years. At 45 years old, Tyra looked just as radiant in a bikini as she did on her two covers from the 1990s. Her very first appearance on the annual Swimsuit cover was alongside Valeria Mazza, in 1993. Three years later, she made history as the first black model with a solo cover. Her glorious return to the iconic magazine in 2019, wearing that tiny yellow bikini was remarkable. Twenty-five pounds later, she looks equally as gorgeous, and could still rock that cover better than models half her age!

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