Tons of Products From This Jennifer Lopez-Approved Hair Care Brand Are on Sale Right Now

JLO Hair products

If Jennifer Lopez’s perfectly tousled curls could make it through her 2020 Super Bowl performance, you can make it through today. And thanks to the latest deals from the star’s go-to hair care brand, Color Wow, your mane is about to become just as resilient: Tons of products in the brand’s Amazon store are 30 percent off for Prime Members today and tomorrow as part of Prime Day 2020. 

Lopez’s hair stylist, Chris Appleton, is a known fan and brand ambassador for Color Wow. Over the past several months, he’s opened up about using three of the brand’s top-rated products to achieve a variety of hairstyles on his multi-hyphenate client. Walking through a timeline of J.Lo’s 2020 hair evolution, it’s easy to see the crucial role that Color Wow’s affordable yet effective products have played in maintaining her always-enviable tresses. 

Starting with this year’s Super Bowl, Appleton used the brand’s heat-protecting spray products to keep Lopez’s curls secure through the duration of her historic halftime performance. The Color Wow On Steroids Performance Enhancing Spray delivers the same long-lasting volume thanks to humidity-resistant and detangling ingredients that allow it to function as a sweat-proof coating. In other words, it could preserve any hairstyle through several consecutive minutes of booty shaking. If you’re concerned about maintaining your hair color amid the pandemic, look no further than the brand’s cult-favorite Color Security Shampoo, which is free of sulfates, silicones, and other unnecessary ingredients that can weigh down color-treated hair. Finally, we would be nothing without mentioning the jaw-dropping curly updo that Lopez sports in her recently released video for “Pa’ Ti – Lonely” featuring Maluma. To create a similar frizz-free, voluminous style, spritz your strands with the Color Wow Raise the Root Thicken and Lift Spray, which adds intense bounce and lift to curls without any sticky or brittle texture. 

If you ask us, J.Lo’s immaculate hairstyles speak for themselves, but if you’re not convinced on those merits alone, check out the product reviews for her go-to brand, which boast hundreds of perfect ratings with customers fawning over their incredible results. With the On Steroids Performance Enhancing Spray, Color Security Shampoo, and Raise the Root Thicken and Lift Spray all on sale for less than $20 a piece, now’s the time to take the plunge. 

Color Wow On Steroids Performance Enhancing Spray

COLOR WOW Hair Products on Amazon

Shop now: $18 (Originally $26);

Color Wow Color Security Shampoo 

COLOR WOW Hair Products on Amazon

Shop now: $16 (Originally $23);

Color Wow Raise the Root Thicken and Lift Spray

COLOR WOW Hair Products on Amazon

Shop now: $17 (Originally $24);

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