The Prince William effect: Duke causes 426 percent rise in demand for ‘velvet suits’

Prince William to be royal face at young events says Sacerdoti

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Prince William was accompanied by his wife, Kate Middleton, as they met stars such as Emma Thompson, Emma Watson, and legendary broadcaster, Sir David Attenborough. Kate looked lovely as she wore a recycled dress she had previously worn 10 years ago at a BAFTA event in Los Angeles. Royal fans on social media said she looked “like a goddess” in her lilac Alexander McQueen gown.

However, it was Prince William’s dashing outfit that really caught royal fans eyes.

This was the second time this month that Prince William had been spotted wearing a velvet suit.

According to Boohoo MAN, Google demand for ‘velvet suits’ are up by 426 percent since the Duke of Cambridge was seen rocking a super sleek bottle-green velvet suit at the Earthshot Prize Awards.

The Duke and Duchesses’ Instagram post received over 935,000 likes and that number is continuing to grow.

Prince William’s suit is the same one he wore in 2019 to Centrepoint’s 50th-anniversary charity gala.

Styled differently on Sunday, the Duke was sporting a sophisticated yet stylish look with a single-breasted jacket paired with a classic black turtle neck.

The Duke of Cambridge’s first velvet suit debut was a few weeks prior at the James Bond premiere where he donned a timeless black velvet suit.

Demand for this fabulous alternative to the traditional suit has not only sparked interest in fashion-forward individuals but also on social media.

According to the research conducted by Boohoo MAN, the hashtag #velvetsuit has over 430,000 views on TikTok, and 27,000 posts using #velvetsuit on Instagram.

Also, fans on Twitter have also shared their love.

On Twitter, user Lynette McKechnie said: “Loving the polo neck Wills.”

DarkSldeoftMoon said: “Loving Prince William’s green tuxedo.”

The Prince wore black trousers and polished black shoes to accompany his velvet jacket.

He accessorised the ensemble with a silver watch.

Viewers could also just about see a green handkerchief poking out of the pocket of his velvet tuxedo jacket.

Prince William is not the only one flaunting the Velvet Suit at events, actor Daniel Craig also wore a velvet jacket for the premiere of No Time To Die, however he chose to wear one in pink.

William’s ensemble had a distinctive James Bond-esque feel.

The fictional spy is also a fan of velvet tuxedo jackets.

He was even seen wearing a black turtleneck on the poster for Spectre.

A spokesperson for Boohoo MAN told “Adding the velvet element has the ability to turn any old tux into a super stylish red-carpet-ready fashion statement, and Boohoo MAN believes this is a trend that is here to stay.”

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