The best-smelling candles and diffusers for your home quarantine

Being at home 24/7 during the coronavirus quarantine means doing a lot of nesting — and basking in the shared smells of family members and roommates. Burning fragrant candles and strategically placing room diffusers can go a long way toward defining spaces (and saving your sanity).

Here are our scent picks for every room, nook or cranny you’re currently calling home.


Welcome yourself home from essential grocery-gathering runs with a refreshing bouquet of lilac, hyacinth and lychee. Otherland will donate 10 percent of every candle sale to Food Bank for New York City.

Living room

If you can’t go outside, bring spring indoors! Place this diffuser with notes of mint, lemon, lavender and rosemary notes near your window — it literally smells like sunshine.


When you’re stuck in a small space, visual escapes are just as important as the aromatic kind. So sit back, soak in the tub and stare at a dreamy beach-printed candle that smells of ocean breezes, sand lilies and summer orchids.


Dream of your home state with a diffuser that evokes the place where you grew up, such as this Texas-themed scentsation with notes of pine, lemon and leather.


You’re cooking every single meal at home. It’s time to treat yourself to the appetizing aroma of strawberries, bananas and peaches — and create some healthy cravings.

Home office

Even if your “office” consists of the far corner of your couch, you can lighten up your workday with a quirky diffuser that smells of erasers and notebooks (thanks to mandarin, cypress and amber notes).

Guest room

Whether mom is staying to help with the kids or you’ve converted a few square inches of floor into a “second bedroom” to hide in, a proper candle in your guest space is essential for keeping things calm (lavender) and peaceful (mimosa). Bonus? The opaque glass jar converts to a vase.


Hang one of these handmade, botanical-scented wax discs and your closet will smell of freshly cut cedar — instead of eau de stinky sneakers.

Chill-out corner

If you’ve been #stayinghome in a one-bedroom studio, designating a chillaxing zone will keep you sane. Light up Boy Smells’ new “Cowboy Kush” (with notes of suede, pot leaf and patchouli) to truly set the mood.

Man cave

Just because a room is dark doesn’t mean it has to be dank. Freshen up his space with a shower of spring scents, including lilac, musk, bergamot and oak moss.

Outdoor space

If you’re lucky enough to have a balcony or deck — or simply want to fling open the windows — these citronella sticks are a must for keeping mosquitoes pleasantly at bay.


Let’s be honest, your car may be the only place you can escape to these days. Crank up the stereo, and let the warm, spicy fragrance of Italian bergamot, sweet verbena and fresh vetiver take you away.

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