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THERE are surely few things more annoying than when one of your favourite items of clothing gets a stubborn stain that no amount of washing seems to get rid of. 

And for the mums among us, trying to keep the kids’ whites looking anywhere close to crisp is a constant battle, what with all the inevitable food marks. 

But one canny mumfluencer has astounded followers by suggesting the only thing you need to tackle even the toughest stains comes straight from the tap. 

Bronte Towns, who posts on social media as @JourneyOfAnHonestMum, has racked up 21k followers on her Instagram account where she shares hacks and advice as a parent of four youngsters. 

And she baffled fans with a recent clip showing her secret method for getting rid of dark stains from fruits like berries. 

“I’m about to blow your mind,” Bronte informed users while filming a clip of her kettle boiling.

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She then placed a white jumper with a giant purple stain on it in the sink, before pouring the kettle’s contents straight onto the mark. 

And sure enough, the item instantly came up clean. 

She repeated the 30-second hack on a woollen cardigan, once again achieving the same remarkable result. 

“What an insane hack to know as a mum,” Bronte wrote in the caption to her clip. “So nice to find hacks that ACTUALLY work.” 

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“I tried this on dried berry strains from the day before and they all came out,” she added. 

Her nifty tip unsurprisingly racked up teams of likes, with viewers god-smacked that they hadn’t come across the foolproof method before. 

“I couldn’t have seen this at a better time,” one wrote. “Thank you!!” 

“Such a game changer!!” another added with a praising emoji. 

“Actually… OMG,” a third raved. “Thank you… I’ve got twins at daycare… this will save so many clothes.”

The genius hack works best on fruit, ketchup and chocolate stains, and not as effectively for protein ones like blood stains. 

It’s apparently because the high temperature of the liquid helps to break down the mark and dissolve the particles, literally washing away the damage. 

If you have a garment that’s blood stained, many people suggest opting for the opposite temperature extreme. 

One TikToker went viral earlier this year by suggesting that rubbing an ice cube on such a mark for a few seconds will instantly cause it to fade. 

If that doesn’t work, try soaking the item in white vinegar for a while, before popping it on a cold wash with your detergent and 1/3 of a cup of salt.



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According to one cleaning whizz, it should come up as good as new. 

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