Supermum-of-16 forced to stick sign saying she’s ‘not hoarding' on her supermarket trolley after people shame her

A FRUSTRATED mum-of-16 told how she stuck a sign to her trolley telling people she ISN'T hoarding after encountering rude comments.

Jeni Bonell – who usually spends £232 on her weekly shop – told Fabulous how she was forced to stick up the sign after people mumbled at her as she did her supermarket shop – with some even casting her "judgey" looks.

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The sign said: "Not hoarding, just feeding 16 kids. Be kind and go away please."

The mum, from Queensland, Australia, has 16 children aged between 29 and four and usually buys 24 rolls of toilet paper and 36 litres of milk as part of her usual weekly shop.

Jeni told Fabulous how she was forced to write the sign after Australia implemented rules including limited shopping time.

She said: "This pandemic has brought out the best and worst of people. And unfortunately because we have to always buy large amounts of food due to our family size, people can still be rude in the grocery store."

She added: "Mainly we just get the judgey looks and the mumbling under their breath as they walk past.

"I put the sign on as a bit of a joke, in the hopes that people might just leave me in peace to do my regular shop.

"After all, we need to keep a sense of humour during these times. There's enough stress as it is."

She told how the sign had been somewhat effective, adding: "I think mean people will always be mean so you can't stop them, but I think the sign at least made a few people laugh."

Jeni previously told how she refused to panic buy, publishing a heartfelt letter about it.

She said: "We refused to play any part in panic buying or clearing the shelves of everyday items that communities needed.

"We didn't 'stock up’, we didn't buy more than we needed. We shopped our normal fortnightly or weekly shop and for many of us our budgets certainly didn't allow for [£500] worth of stockpiling either."

However, last month she admitted she was  struggling to do any kind of food shop thanks to coronavirus panic-buyers and regretted not bulk-buying while she could.

And earlier this month, Jeni told how she was shamed by other shoppers for buying "too much" toilet paper who mistook her weekly shop for coronavirus panic-buying.

Writing on her Bonell Family Facebook page, Jeni raged: "OH NO YOU DON'T!!!

"No lady, you don't get to stand behind me in the checkout line in the grocery store, with your voice dripping sarcasm and your crinkled brow, as you 'loud-enough-for-me-to-hear-you' say 'Wellllll there goes ALLL the toilet paper now…. hmmmmmmpfffff.'

Insisting that she shouldn't be made to feel guilty for buying enough for her big family, the mum added: "I will not apologise for buying toilet paper for my family which is undoubtedly bigger than yours."


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