Rob Lowe Posted a Sweat-Soaked Workout Video With His 81-Year-Old Dad

It’s no secret that Rob Lowe embodies the word ageless: To this day, the actor still looks at least a decade younger than his 57 years, attributing his Dorian Gray-like longevity in part to his strict low-carb diet, dutiful skincare regimen, and of course, his consistent workout routine.

In a recent Instagram video, however, Lowe provided some evidence that genetics also likely comprise an important piece of his particular anti-aging puzzle. In the brief clip, Lowe is shown wrapping up what appears to have been an intense workout session with his octogenarian father, Chuck Lowe, who also looks lean and shockingly youthful at 81. “Hitting the gym with my dad,” the caption reads.

The elder Lowe is seen knocking out a series of pushups before Rob turns the camera back on himself, his brow dripping with sweat. “Working out with the 81-year-old man, my pops, inspirational,” Lowe says between breaths. He then lets out a celebratory whoop as the clip ends.

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Lowe previously told Men’s Health that he supplements his workouts with surfing, which he credits his sons for getting him into, while he worked on getting them back into the gym. His time on the water has given him a more Zen-like outlook on life. “You’re always chasing a high that you’re probably not going to ever repeat,” he said. “Conditions change, so no waves ever just stay the same. Nothing can ever stay the same. Nothing.”

That may be true, but with every year that passes, Rob Lowe seems more likely to disprove it.

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