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NEWS of their divorce came in September of this year, but actress Sophie Turner has reportedly started dating again after her split from ex Joe Jonas. 

The Game of Thrones’ actress was seen locking lips with British aristocrat Peregrine Pearson in Paris last weekend.

This came two months on from when singer Joe filed after four years of marriage, in which they welcomed daughters Willa, three, and Delphine, one.

Unconfirmed reports have since claimed that Jonas Brothers star Joe, 34, feels it’s “too soon” for Sophie, 27, to move on.

But now a relationship expert has weighed in on the debate of how long someone should wait to start exploring new romances.

And she exclusively told Fabulous that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to ending one relationship and beginning another.

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Relationship expert Hope Flynn explained: “There is no definite timeframe on when is the right time. 

“The main deciding factor on when you should move on after the end of a  relationship is all to do with you and how ready you feel.

“Before moving on from a previous relationship you should give yourself the time to grieve the ending of the previous one. 

“How long this takes varies from person to person as different factors such as how long the relationship lasted, how committed you were, how long your relationship was broken down before it ended, how you left things and how tied up together you still are can all impact someone’s ability to move/ want to move on.”

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However, Hope, who is the founder of FeedMeFemale and head of content at iPlaySafe, did maintain that there are some basic guidelines that could be helpful if you find yourself thinking about embarking on something new.

She revealed: “General rule of thumb could be to wait a month for each year you’ve given to a relationship, as I think sometimes people underestimate the healing process when it comes to heartbreak and the ending of being with someone. 

“Feelings of love don’t just disappear overnight.”

And she said there are certain questions that may be useful to ask yourself to work out whether you are ready to take the next step.

Hope continued: “When meeting someone new after a break-up you must ask yourself is it coming from a genuine, healthy place.

“Are your motives right and are you in a good position to move on and give a good version of yourself to this person, are your feelings and emotions in a healthy place?”

Once these questions have been answered, Hope also stressed the importance of focusing on yourself for a while.

All that matters is your head and heart being in the same place and agreeing that it’s time to move on

She explained: “I believe it’s super important for someone to give themselves time to rediscover who they are after the ending of a committed relationship. 

“You should give yourself the time to be alone and do the things you find meaningful and enjoyable without the worry of having to accommodate anyone else. 

“It will build your self confidence for when you are in position to move on.” 

In doing so, Hope maintained that you’ll be able to get some form of closure on the end of the past relationship – and how you can change things going forward.

Hope added: “Giving yourself time to reflect on what happened in your past relationship and changes you can make when entering a new relationship is equally important. 

“As we all get older we all need to ensure we are learning from our experiences to enhance future ones. 

“Reflecting and learning helps you to build stronger foundations next time on and hopefully prevents you from making some of the same mistakes.”

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The relationship pro concluded: “Gone are the days of saying ‘the only way to get over someone is by getting under someone else’ – all that matters is your head and heart being in the same place and agreeing that it’s time to move on.” 

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