'Petty' woman takes savage revenge on 'controlling' couple next door who complained about her fence

AS annoying as their loud music and late nights can be, sometimes it's worth putting up with just to keep the peace with the people next door.

That said, one woman who has always struggled to get on with the couple who live next to her decided to get revenge in the most petty way possible – and people are loving her for it.

Donna Yopp Paul, from Newton County, Georgia, was ordered by her neighbours to reduce the height of her six-foot fence by two feet to match the others in the area.

Although Donna had no choice but to obey the county rule, the savvy woman cited another by-law which allowed her paint the fence facing their house in clashing neon colours.

So while Donna kept it a pretty grey shade on her side, the couple now have a brand spanking new pink, purple, yellow and green fence to look at… but hey, at least it's now four foot tall.

Speaking to WSB TV, Donna admitted that she'd never seen "eye-to-eye" with them.

She claimed the county had allowed her to have a six-foot fence for privacy – before backtracking when the neighbours complained.

"It's a control thing," she added. "They basically trying to control things I do on my property."

What's more, Donna even splashed out on paint with a 20-year warranty.

She said: "So within 15 years if it needs to be repainted, it will be painted the same colour."

Unsurprisingly, Donna's fence makeover hasn't gone down well with other members of the community either.

Dick Hopkins – who lives in the next house over – said: "I don't know what her problem is but she certainly doesn't have any respect for her other neighbours."

After the clip was posted on Reddit, users praised Donna's levels of "pettiness".

One replied: "I love the horribly ugly way she chopped it to height as well."

Another added: "Mind your own business people and stuff like this doesn't happen!"

A third joked: "Got to give her respect for the mildly infuriating way she didn't stick to one colour per section."

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