People call me a ‘lazy’ mom for the names I gave my twins – everyone thinks I called them after toy dogs | The Sun

WHILE name inspiration can be drawn from all corners, some monikers are a far cry from being original.

A mom has apparently named her kids after popular toy dogs, and social media users are not impressed by the supposed spur-of-the-moment choice.

Posting to a Reddit forum, a user inquired about a set of baby names that a well-known TikToker named her twin girls.

"Ok, I don’t know much about this [woman], but she keeps coming up on my Reddit.

"Does anyone know if she named her twins after this?

"Hearing their names reminded me of it because my daughters have these toys," the Reddit user wrote.

The names in question seemed to be derived from toy dogs – Scout and Violet.

Multiple Reddit users took to the comments section to give details about the origin of the names.

One person left a snarky remark, writing: "She claims she just came up with them randomly because she’s so 'different' but we all know she isn’t original and that it’s not true, so."

Another user had some more information.

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"In older videos, she said she watched the show all the time and named them after the dogs," they wrote.

"I find it odd she says she had no idea about these toys, but the girls have the stuffed dogs. They have had them since birth. So unless someone [gave] them to them because of their names, I think she’s lying as usual. Really can’t believe anything [she] says," another skeptical user chimed in.

"She is too lazy to have come up with it on her own," another user suggested.

Someone else shared their disdain for one of the names.

"I can’t imagine naming a human child 'Scout'," they said.

"Ok so I’ve (unfortunately) seen her videos on TikTok for a long time and I’m almost positive at some point in the beginning of her TikTok account she said she DID name them after Scout and Violet," another poster wrote.

"She posted she used to watch the show her entire pregnancy. And that’s where the names come from," someone else offered.

An additional user decided to expose the mother of twins, claiming that the mama knew about the dogs and purposely named her kids after them.

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They wrote: "She claims she didn’t know about the toys existence but I had been following her since she first blew up (I've unfollowed now and educated myself on her) and she posted a video saying she named them after the dogs and was genuine in it that she absolutely did name them after those toys as a ‘joke.'

"She’s deleted that video and I have never found anyone else that saw it and I feel like I'm living in a constant Mandela effect."

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