People are only just realising why dogs ‘paw’ at you and it’s blowing their minds | The Sun

HAVE you ever petted your dog and wondered why they did the same back? Well, you're not alone.

And it turns out there's a very cute reason for it that is making pet owners go wild.

We all know each dog has its own favourite place to be scratched or petted, and often, they tend to lift their paw and touch you back.

While you may have thought it was your dog telling you to stop or just a knee-jerk reaction, it turns out there's much more to it.

Often times it can mean that your dog doesn't want you to stop touching them.

Vet expert Sarah Wooten, at Pumpkin Pet Insurance, explained to the Mirror: "When you get the 'paw' while you're already petting, tickling, or otherwise lavishing physical attention on your dog…chances are, you'll understand intuitively that your dog wants you to keep doing exactly what you're doing. This is one of the most common reasons dogs will put their paws on their people."


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And if you stop patting them and they put their paw out, it can mean your pooch is demanding more.

Recently a viral TikTok video from Smuckers the Pitbull confirmed the vet's message.

The clip said: "Did you know that if your dog paws you while petting them, it's their way of petting you back.

"Laying their paw on you is a sign that they love you and trust you."

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The revelation has gotten to pet owners hearts and many are thrilled by the news.

One person wrote: "I thought she hated me and was telling me to stop now I'm sobbing for all the times she just wanted to be pet."

Another commented: "Why am I crying right now? Apparently, my dog loves me lots."

"I knew this..but somehow I forgot and all those emotions came flooding back. I miss my sweet girl," penned a third.

Someone else added: "Awwww my baby does this all the time even when I’m not petting her."

While petting can be a sign of affection, it can also be a sign of anxiousness.

Often, dogs will also lick and drool lots when anxious as well as panting reports VCA Hospitals.

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