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MOST of us would agree that the colour turquoise is beautiful – but have you ever wondered what the word means?

Well, one woman, Professor Alice Roberts has left people stunned after revealing where the word comes from.

She was left stunned that she hadn't realised what the word meant sooner, and the origin is 'obvious' once you know the answer.

Taking to Twitter, Professor Roberts said: "All these years… I had not realised that turquoise meant 'Turkish'!" 

Explaining the etymology of the word, Merriam-Webster's online dictionary states: "Before turquoise described a greenish-blue color, it described a mineral of that color."

The entry adds: "The mineral known as turquoise is one that we commonly associate with the American southwest and mines in Arizona and New Mexico.


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"Long before that, however, turquoise was mined from the Sinai Peninsula; the region of Sinai was known as Mafkat ('country of turquoise') to the ancient Egyptians.

"It is believed that the mineral was then transported to the west through Turkey; the French word turquois means 'Turkish'."

Hence the word we all know today – and now know more about.

And Professor Roberts wasn't the only one who was left stunned.

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"I'll be using this fact extensively over the next few days," said one stunned responder.

Another commented: "As a lifelong learner of French, I can't believe this passed me by for so long. I mean it's literally right there."

Someone else revealed: "I was today years old when I learned this."

And a different commenter confessed: "We had a Turkish restaurant in Wrexham called The Turquoise kitchen, and I never realised either."

"Obvious now you say it," read a popular response. Prof Roberts agreed: "Isn't it!"

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