Paige VanZant and Austin Vanderford want to be 'golden couple of sports' – but she 'dominates' husband with 'Koala hugs' | The Sun

PAIGE VanZant and her husband's steamy Insta pics expose a power struggle between the pair, a body language expert has said.

But she claims it's Paige's domineering gestures towards MMA star Austin Vanderford that constantly forces him to "self-comfort".

Paige VanZant and her husband Austin Vanderford seem to be the ultimate power couple in all senses of the word.

Their robust fighting careers have seen them both build up a considerable following offline.

While on social media, Paige and Austin's feeds are packed with pics showing off their similarly ripped bodies, in and outside of the ring.

Their YouTube channel is called Paige and Austin: A Kickass Love Story. It presents them as a besotted, married power couple.

Many of their Insta pics also show them passionately entwined and showing off their love for one another in equal measure.

In January Austin, 33 posted a photo montage on Instagram of the couple clinging to one another semi-naked.

One follower wrote: "Desperate"while one said: "Cringe", before another added: “They'll be divorced in 5 years.”

On Paige's Insta feed next to a pic of herself lying down on a bed in front of Austin, one follower wrote: "Sooooooo fake!!"

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"The cringe doesn't stop with these two," wrote another fan.

In an exclusive interview, body language expert Judi James told The U.S. Sun: “There are clearly overkill displays of sexual moments in this couple's Instagram pictures.

“They’re openly promoting the idea that their sex life is as golden as their careers.

"Paige also likes Koala hugs which she does sideways as well.

"In the one image on Austin's Insta feed, her sideways Koala hug is carried out with an adoring look at him.

"Austin grins so awkwardly at the camera and it looks choreographed by Paige.

“Much of their posing looks like a form of boasting and, for Austin in particular, appears part of the brand in professional photo shoots.

“It’s clear that Paige and Austin present themselves as the golden power couple of their sport.

“But their body language online ranges from idealized and enviable sexuality to more moderate poses.

“Paige raises or lowers her power signals in her relationship with Austin like a drawbridge, and it's conscious.

“She shows deliberate dominant displays during some parts of their life together.

“As well as being a fan of the koala hug she often puts her arms around his shoulders and neck.

“Most of her moves on Austin are all encircling and possessive embraces.

“This is a complex movement which on the one hand suggests dominating the person being embraced.

"It's thought out. Paige's gestures show she has total ownership of Austin."

Paige and Austin launched their YouTube channel four years ago.

At the time, the couple featured a variety of videos ranging from footage of them taking pictures in the shower to their more recent football card-collecting efforts.

Of the card video, Judi added: "In their YouTube videos, Paige’s body language suggests she's in control of the action.

"Austin clings onto the box of cards as though it’s a life raft.

"He’s the one mimicking her and mirroring her little arm dance to signal she’s the leader.

"Even when Austin speaks, she interrupts him. We can see his thumb rub against the other thumb in what looks like a self-comfort ritual.

"Then he does it with his palms.

“Paige’s solo photos on her feed are primarily on-brand with this look spilling over into her posts.

“She posts extremely glam and provocative photos of herself.

"She shows a matching emphasis on her butt, which she's clearly proud of.

"But with Austin, he's not actually the tough-guy hero Paige promotes him as."

Paige, 29, and Austin are said to have met in the industry in 2017 through a mutual fighter pal, Chael Sonnen.

Previously, VanZant told how she'd been approached by NFL star JJ Watt as well as pop star Nick Jonas, with both inviting her out on a date.

She later told in a podcast interview how she'd ignored their advances.

Instead, Paige pursued Austin before flying him to Disneyland on a date.

Of her love life dating fighters, she told Sportsmail: "It's a hard lifestyle being a fighter, and not a lot of people understand it.

"Not a lot of people can put up with you when you go through a weight cut, or really understand what you're battling when you go through a weight cut."

“In Paige’s poses before her husband's fights that are posted online, she’s often seen in a very hands-off mode," revealed Judi.

“She watches him with her arms emphatically folded and her eyes on his face as it’s his turn in the spotlight.

“She does work some more secret signaling for him though, lifting her chin and smiling as though urging him on to do well.

“There’s a hint of professional competitiveness in this gesture.

"Baring her neck signals trust but it also looks like a subtle signal of challenge.

“Her celebratory rituals are off the scale though and look similar to wrestling moves.

“In interviews where she has spoken about him, her vocal tone raises several notes.

"Paige's speech speeds up, making her sound like an excited, devoted fan."

Professionally, the ex-fighter turned OnlyFans model spent six years in the UFC, in the flyweight division.

But while the former DWTS contestant signed with All Elite Wrestling and a four-bout contract Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, Paige is yet to return to the ring.

Austin on the other hand continues with Bellator MMA where he competes in the Middleweight division.

As of April 4, he was listed at four in the Bellator Middleweight Rankings.

“Austin's emotions are far more open, relaxed, and congruent when he is off-stage and in the back of his poses with Paige," said Judi.

“The glimpses he posts of being openly soppy and loving tend to be with his dog.

“His warm-hearted and slightly submissive signals might contradict that hard-nut hero that Paige tries to promote.

"Austin looks happiest standing behind Paige or letting her front out the poses.

“He looks like quite a private guy when it comes to authentic emotional displays.

“When he turns to look at her, there's little if any change of facial expression or muscle softening.

"This hints he prefers to internalize his responses until they're alone.

“Austin’s photos tend to be softer and more emotional, smooching and cuddling the dog.

“He shows himself embracing Paige as she stands with a huge cuddly toy to suggest a much softened and even soppier personality.

“Austin's images and gestures show someone who might prefer a more private personal life.

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“His signals suggest he might feel less comfortable during interviews and photo opportunities.

“That fact that he might prefer emotional privacy could cause problems between them if their goals start to clash in the future.”

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