My friend won thousands on a £1 scratch card I bought for her birthday & now my husband’s mad I won’t demand half

A WOMAN explained that she bought her friend a winning scratch card for her birthday and now her husband wants her to ask for half the winnings.

The woman said that she always bought a £1 scratch card for her friends' birthdays and popped it in their card.

This time her mate won a four-figure prize and her husband was fuming that she hadn't offered her half the prize money, even saying she should demand her share.

Writing on Mumsnet, the woman said: "I always buy a £1 scratch card to put in people's birthday cards.

"I've been doing this for over a decade. Last month a good friend won a decent four-figure sum on the scratch card I put in their card.

"My husband thinks I should ask for half of it because I bought it for them. But in my opinion I bought the scratch card as a gift and in doing so was opening myself up to the possibility of them winning a lot of money.


"If I hadn't been buying it as a gift I wouldn't have bought the scratch card so it's not like I bought a roll of 5 and gave them the winning one.

"My husband and I never argue but he's really pushing me to ask on this one. We aren't rich but we also aren't struggling so I don't know why he's so insistent that I ask for some of it.

"If it was me I would offer half to the person who bought me the card, but this is because I'm fairly financially stable and I don't know the financial status of this friend but I'd suspect its not as good as ours."

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She then added: "[My friend] did say when she told me she'd won: 'We'll have to go put for a meal, babysitter and dinner on us.' Which I personally thought was lovely."

Fellow Mumsnet users were quick to jump in with their thoughts on the situation.

One said: "It was a gift you , shouldn’t expect her to share her winnings and I think it’s a bit weird of your husband to think she should."

While another one said: "Your husband is crazy. You can't possibly ask her for half of the money."

And another agreed: "You can’t ask. The scratch card wasn’t the gift, the potential prize was and you can’t ask for half of a gift back."

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