Mum urges everyone to clean their duvets after a strip wash left her with a bath tub full of disgusting water

WE'RE used to regularly cleaning bed sheets – but when was the last time you washed your actual duvet?

A mum is urging everyone to give it a good soak after discovering her's was secretly filthy while getting on top of the laundry during lockdown.

In a post on Facebook, the woman from Australia revealed how she had strip washed her duvet in the bath after realising it was too big to bung in the washing machine.

She added soda crystals and liquid detergent to the warm water and left it for five hours.

However, the mum was horrified to witness the water quickly turn grey – suggesting the bedding was long overdue a deep clean.

Sharing pictures of the filthy result, she insisted that it "didn't look that bad" before getting it wet.

Afterwards, she shared a picture of the same duvet now looking sparkling white once it had dried off.

It comes as another mum used the same handy method to deep clean her grubby sofa cover.

Posting in Facebook group 'Mums Who Clean', the Australian woman explained how she had decided to give the exterior of her partner's couch a "strip wash" for the first time in seven years.

Instead, of bunging it in the washing machine, the woman decided to try out a simple soaking method.

She filled a bath tub with hot water and added soda crystals, Borax and washing up liquid.

Feeling very happy with myself.

Upon adding the sofa cover to the solution, the mum was amazed to see how dirty the water was turning.

Indeed, the covers turned out to be so filthy that the woman ended up washing them twice.

Captioning pictures of her cleaning process – including the murky bath water – she wrote: "Feeling very happy with myself.

"I really don't like my partner's couch but we decided not to buy a new one until next year.

"So after two strip washes (he hasn't washed it ever in seven years) and a giant bag of shredded foam, which is really, really messy, this is my results."

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