Mum slammed for packing too many 'salty' snacks in children's lunchboxes – but do YOU agree?

CONFESSION time- our kids' lunchboxes are often thrown together last thing at night and usually contain a simple sandwich and whatever snacks are left in the cupboards.

And while we all know how important it is to balance out the treats with some fruit and veg, one mum is being slammed online after her insanely organised lunchboxes supposedly contained "too many salty snacks".

The mum shared a photo of her children's lunches on Facebook group Lunchbox Ideas Australia.

The boxes contained a sandwich, fruit juice, crisps, crackers, cheese, fruit, a chocolate roll and custard.

She added: "Today's lunches – they also took a packet of chips."

However, other members of the group took issue with the number of salty snacks (i.e. crisps, crackers and cheese) – despite the fact that they were separated into small portions.

Jumping to her defence, one member replied: "Can't believe you've received any negative comments! Too many carbs? So much salt! Really?"

Another added: "With a very fussy eater starting prep next year I shudder to think what criticism I will get from teacher or parents.

"My goal will be to make sure my child eats something, rather than nothing all day."

In response to the criticism, the mum also shared a photo of the smaller lunchbox she often prepares for her kids – consisting of a cucumber, tomatoes, egg and lettuce.

What the NHS recommends children have for lunch:

The NHS gives a number of suggestions and guidelines on their Change4Life website.

  • Base the lunchbox on foods like bread, rice, pasta and potatoes – wholegrain ideally – too keep kids fuller for longer
  • If your child isn't keen on wholegrain, try making sandwiches with one slice of white and one slice of wholemeal bread
  • Try to keep lunchboxes interesting by using a variety of shapes like bagels, pittas and wraps
  • Make food fun as lunches can be more exciting if the child has to put them together, like having foods for dipping and makes a change from sandwiches every day.
  • Opt for low fat foods, like lean meats or fish.
  • Cut down on the amount of spreads you put into sandwiches
  • Always add a bit of salad and vegetables to the meal
  • Cut down on the crisps
  • Chop up some fruit or peal satsumas and add those instead of sweets
  • Cheese can be high in fat and salt so pick strong tasting ones or go for low-fat varieties
  • Get the kids involved in making the lunch – they'll be more likely to eat it if they helped make it


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