Mum shares snap from dog walk and asks people to 'spot the pug' – but can you find the little pooch?

A MUM came up with her very own brainteaser while walking her adorable pug in the park. 

She took a snap of the miniature mutt enjoying some fresh air, then realised he was completely camouflaged in the background. 

For a bit of fun she decided to upload the snap to Facebook group Organise My UK Home, challenging others to spot her dog. 

She said: “Just for fun. Hit like when you have found the pug.” 

The post has been liked nearly 1,000 times, as people spent ages searching for the pooch. 

Commenting on the snap, one person said: “Got it, that’s great.”

Another confessed: “Took me aaaages.”

This person wrote: “That is hilarious!! So cute.”

While another said: “Found, clever.” 

If you’ve been searching with no luck, fear not as we’ve circled the pug below. 

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