Mum panics after her breast milk turns PINK ‘like milkshake’ – but discovers the fascinating reason as to why

A NEW mum was left alarmed after she noticed her breast milk had turned pink ‘like milkshake’. 

Jo Johnson Overby was around six weeks into breastfeeding when she noticed the change in her milk. 

In a now-viral video, that has been viewed by over 12.6 million people, she says: “Nobody told me that whenever I had a baby, that if I chose to breastfeed, my milk would come in an array of colours.

She then holds up a bag of white breast milk, and says: “Exhibit A. The color you'd expect, right?" 

Jo then shows another bag and jokingly describes it as strawberry milk, by adding: "Exhibit B. And why is it pink? It's blood. Baby can drink it though. So, it's up to you whether you do it or not."

According to, pinkish milk may indicate blood in your milk.


The site mentions that :”It should clear after a few days as more milk flows through your breasts, and it's fine to continue feeding your baby your milk. 

“You may see blood in your baby's vomit or poo – this can be very scary, however this is usually not your baby's blood but from your breast milk.”

And people were stunned, quickly commenting on her video. 

One wrote: “Listen TikTok is genuinely educating me more than anyone so woman to woman thank you for this content.” 

Another added: “Bless you moms (SIC) that are giving the rest of us ladies a heads up before we become moms. I would’ve had a heart attack.” 

Reproductive endocrinology and infertility fellow Dr. Emily Jacobs, who said, "The most common reason for blood-tinged breast milk is damaged nipples from breastfeeding, like cracks or blisters.

"It is OK, and preferable, to continue breastfeeding in this situation, so as not to get clogged ducts.

"Individuals may try icing [their] nipples in between sessions and applying nipple cream after feeds."

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