McDonald’s worker reveals what the hollow end of a McFlurry spoon is really used for – and it’s not so you can drink it

IF you’ve ever been enjoying a McFlurry and wondered why the spoon is hollow but doesn't function as a straw, a McDonald’s worker has finally revealed their purpose. 

The oddly shaped soon has been baffling customers for years, with their chunky, hollow design falsely leading people to think you’re meant to drink through them. 

But the mystery has finally been solved after an employee shared a behind-the-scenes video to Tik Tok. 

Called @marzpire, she uploaded a clip captioned: “Have you ever wondered why you can't drink out of a McFlurry spoon???”

In the video she shows herself making a delicious Oreo McFlurry, tipping the cookie pieces into the ice cream, popping the lid on and adding the famous spoon in.

She then goes to a machine – which mixes the ice cream and the toppings using the spoon. 

As she films herself mixing up the dessert, she adds: “What the spoon is really for… To Mix!”

The genius set up means workers don’t have to change or wash a mixer head every time they make a new McFlurry, as the hollow end of the spoon acts as the attachment. 

The revelatory clip has been watched more than 326,000 thousands times after being uploaded earlier this month, with people in disbelief over the spoon's intended purpose. 

Thousands have commented on the clip, with one person saying: “I was so confused when I couldn't drink out of it.”

Another said: “I literally got a McFlurry yesterday and was wondering about the spoon.”

While a third wrote: “Wow! I swear I've learned so much of TikTok.”

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