I'm making my guests to pay £110 to attend my wedding – I'm not rich and I'd rather spend the money on my home

A CHEEKY bride and groom have shocked guests by asking them to pay for their seat at the wedding because ‘they’re not rich.’

The bride shared her money-making idea on a wedding planning Facebook group, explaining that she would rather spend her own money on doing up her house.

She wrote: “We’re going to ask guests to pay for their seat which is looking like $150+ (£111) per head, the reason why we’re doing this is…

“1. (Redacted) and I are not rich.

“2. (Redacted) and I prefer to spend money improving our home as well as paying our house off.

“3. We have all we need and do not require gifts.

“4. All (redacted) cares about is that the food is high quality and that we have a beautiful wedding.

“5. Spending more than $10,000 (£7,400) we can not justify on one day!”

The bride goes on to say that she hopes that her guests will understand that she “deserves the wedding of her dreams.”

Her post has since been shared on Reddit where users were left baffled by the “greedy” couple.

Commenting, one wrote: “People gotta stop acting like they’re doing you a favor by having a wedding.

“If you want a wedding and want to invite people, that’s really your choice.”

“I suspect they’ll be disappointed by the responses to their pre-invite canvassing,” agreed another.

A third added: “I particularly enjoyed the part about her absolutely deserving her dream wedding. That she doesn't have to pay for…..”

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