I'm a server – an 86-year-old man scammed our customers with a sad story, we banned him but it's split opinion | The Sun

A BARTENDER has shared the shock of being scammed by an elderly customer.

Kristina Withers (@Krisswith) took to TikTok to reveal how an 86-year-old man managed to take advantage of her kindness on numerous occasions.

She told her over 38,000 followers that she was “anxious” to hear their thoughts as she began to explain what happened.

Kristina said: “There was this older gentleman that came into the bar that I work at.

“He’s not allowed to come in anymore because of this. I’m interested to see your thoughts because I was flabbergasted b***h.

“Older gentleman comes in frequently, apparently. He sits at the bar top.

“He’s a very, very old gentleman who would just drink coffee and water. 

“He would try to make conversation with the people around him and then drop the bomb that his wife just passed away.

“He doesn’t have enough money to eat because when his wife died the funeral costs and she had cancer. 

“All of these things and tell this tragic story to all of these people.

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“To the point where people are like ‘order some breakfast, I got you. Put his coffee on my tab, anything you want like whatever.

“‘Get lunch, have dinner.’ And it was a very frequent thing that he would come in and do this.

“He would cry when he was telling the story. We all thought it was legit and was like oh my God this poor man.

“We did think he was taking a little bit of advantage, coming in everyday for a couple of weeks and not having enough money to eat.

“Like maybe you shouldn’t be coming out and expecting people to pay for your food.”

Kristina said she understood that the man may have been doing it for social interaction, but visiting the nearby convenience store regularly was a red flag.

She continued: “He’d buy scratch tickets.

“He would scratch the scratch ticket then go buy more with his winnings and go back even if he didn’t win.

“He was buying $2 scratch tickets or whatever, bringing them back then scratching them at the bar.

“People started to question that he had money to buy scratch tickets, but not money to eat.

“I felt like priorities are not in the right place and everyone should question it. 

“So then the next day he comes in and is sitting talking to people at the bar, a regular comes in that also frequents other bars in the area.

“He sits down and whispers to the bartender ‘that guy, don’t let him fool you guys. 

“‘His wife died 10 years ago, he’s 86 and banned from every bar in the area because he basically goes in and panhandles to get free food.

“‘He solicits this sob story. His wife did pass away 10 years ago, not from cancer, just from old age.’

“Saying it like it happened just yesterday to get free food is f***ked up. How are you going to use somebody’s death like that?

“That’s not right.

“So the bartender confronted him about it.”

Kristen revealed that the elderly man froze and didn’t try to deny the claims made about him.

She said that the free meals would’ve been understandable if his wife had just died and it was once or twice.

“He didn’t really say anything, just got up and left,” she continued.

“He tried to come back one other time and we told him no.

“In the beginning the bartenders were even buying him meals because we all felt so bad for him.”

Commenters were horrified by the man’s behavior, with the exception of one commenter who argued he should’ve been left to continue.

“He’s 86… let him alone. Unless he is affecting customer satisfaction,” a TikTok user commented.

“No, he took advantage of the bars and people who may have their own issues with paying too,” another said.

“That’s f****ed up. He’s probably done this all his life,” a third wrote.

“Once a grifter…,” a fourth added.

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"Maybe he has dementia and for him it feels like yesterday since she passed?" another said.

"Maybe he's lonely," a commenter wrote.

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